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Scientific Meeting on

Circular Economy and Waste Management

26 JUNE 2018



Chair: Fausto Freire (UC), Co-chair: Lia Vasconcelos (FCT NOVA)

Venue: Auditorium of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Coimbra (UC), Polo II Campus, Coimbra, Portugal



Extended programme (pdf)


08.30 - 09:00          Registration

09.00 - 09:30          Opening session

                  Fausto Freire (UC, Portugal) and Lia Vasconcelos (FCT NOVA, Portugal)

                              Carlos Henggeler Antunes (Energy for Sustainability Initiative, UC)

                       Martins Ferreira (Director DEM-UC, Portugal)

                    Luís Menezes (Vice-Rector UC, Portugal)


                  Research in Waste Management and Circular Economy

                  Paulo Ferrão (President of FCT, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology)


09.45 - 12:00          Panel I

             Industrial Ecology: Understanding the Circular Economy

                  Roland Clift (University of Surrey, UK)


                  Challenges and opportunities for action at urban level: the lessons of the UrbanWINS project

                  Livia Mazzá (Fondazione Ecosistemi, Italy)


                  The metabolism of cities: a research proposition

                  Leonardo Rosado, Divia Jimenez Encarnacion (Chalmers University, Sweden)


14.00 - 15.40          Panel II

                  Food waste within the bio-economy and the circular economy EU policies

                  Serenella Sala, Carla Caldeira (JRC-EC)                                                           


                  Waste management in an agroindustrial cooperative in Brazil towards the circular economy

                  Cassiano Piekarski (UTFPR, Brazil)


                  Project LIFEPAYT – Tool to reduce waste in Southern Europe

                  Célia Dias-Ferreira (CERNAS, Portugal)


         EU Project SCREEN – Synergic Circular Economy across European Regions

                  Margarida Franca (CCDRC, Portugal)


      Collaborative methodologies in complex management

                  Lia Vasconcelos (FCT NOVA, Portugal)

15.40 - 16.00          Coffee-break


16.00 - 17.00          Flash talks

  A Circular Economy Envisioned for Historic Köszeg, Hungary and its Immediate Bioregion

                                    Hillary Brown (City College of New York, USA)

Application of LCSA to Used Lubricant Oils Management in South Brazilian region

Malaquias Tsambe (Pedagogic University of Mozambique, Mozambique)

Management of Biomass Ash Waste from Energy Production in Building Materials

Tamíris Pacheco da Costa (CESAM-UA, Portugal)

A sustainable system for the valorization of fish canning wastewater through biopolymers production: the FISHPOL project

Almudena Hospido (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

Agriculture and its contribution to circular economy in the irrigation perimeter of the river Caia, Alentejo

Luís Alcino Conceição (Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre, Portugal)

Repair Café Porto: a situational analysis

Ana Coelho

17.00                  Closing



Registrations are closed!



Conference chairs

Chair: Fausto Freire (UC)

Co-chair: Lia Vasconcelos (FCT NOVA)

Organizing Committee

Filipa Ferreira (FCT NOVA), Flávia Silva (FCT NOVA), Joana Bastos (UC), Lívia Vieira (CEIFACoop), Margarida Morais (CM Leiria), Rita Garcia (UC), Suhita Peters (CEIFAcoop)


The Scientific Meeting takes place at the Auditorium of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Polo II Campus, University of Coimbra.


GPS coordinates: 40°11'07.5"N 8°24'45.5"W

Google maps URL


Coimbra is located in the center region of Portugal, easily accessible by car, bus or train from Lisbon (200 km) or Oporto (130 km).

For information on how to get to the Meeting venue and on accommodation in Coimbra, please see: Transport and accommodation 



For more information please contact: joana.bastos(a)dem.uc.pt and rita.garcia(a)dem.uc.pt | +351 239 790 708




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The “Scientific meeting on circular economy and waste management: tools and applications” is organized by the Center for Industrial Ecology at the University of Coimbra, together with FCT NOVA, CEIFAcoop and the Municipality of Leiria, in the scope of the EU H2020 funded project “UrbanWINS: Urban metabolism accounts for building waste management innovative networks and strategies”.


For more information about the UrbanWINS project visit www.urbanwins.eu