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CTB Basics: CleanTechBlock – Sustainable Multi-functional Building Block Basics

Reference: M-ERA-NET2/0017/2016


Coordinator at ADAI-LAETA: Fausto Freire

Proponent Institution: Srečo D. Škapin (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)

Projects Partners: Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), CellMat Technologies S.L. (CMT), ADAI-LAETA

Funding entity: M-ERA.NET/FCT | M-ERA-NET2/0017/2016

Funding: 425 884 €


Project Objectives


The overall objective of the project is to reveal all the benefits in terms of sustainability and further potential for the development of the already-proven concept of CTB. Building on already achieved results in terms of the development, testing and demonstrating of the design and process, the specific objectives of the proposed project are (i) to develop and experimentally validate a model of the heat-transfer in foam glass, which will enable us to identify further possibilities to decrease the thermal conductivity; (ii) to prepare a model of heat and moisture transfer through the CTB wall for the simulation and optimization of the CTB structure for different climatic regions and building standards; (iii) to perform a lifecycle assessment of the CTB element and the CTB building solution in order to reveal the sustainability of the CTB concept. The project consortium acts in complementary fields and the teams are well qualified to achieve the main objective of the project. The project is structured in 5 work packages (WPs) that cover the preparation and characterization of foam-glass samples with different characteristics, the preparation of an experimentally validated heat-transfer model in foam glass, the optimization of foam-glass insulation properties, the preparation of a model of the CTB wall and an evaluation of heat and humidity transfer through the wall, and a lifecycle sustainability assessment of the foam glass and the CTB solution. An additional work package (WP0) is dedicated to management, dissemination and exploitation of the results to maximize the impact. ADAI will participate mainly in 2 WPs: WP0 – Management and WP5 - Life cycle environmental sustainability and circular economy assessment (coordinator of WP5).


Research Team



Fausto Miguel Cereja Seixas Freire

Carla Rodrigues

Vanessa Tavares




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