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BIO2URBAN: Biodiesel blends for road vehicles in urban areas

Reference: LAETA-UID/EMS/50022


Project Objectives


The BIO2URBAN project aims to investigate the impact of introducing biodiesel into the Portuguese passenger road transport system. Various biodiesel-diesel blends, vehicle typologies (car and bus) and powertrain technologies (internal combustion engine and hybrid) will be assessed considering different driving conditions with special focus on the implications at local scale. A life-cycle energy and environmental assessment approach will be followed. The project will be divided in four main tasks: i) biodiesel production chain modeling (well-to-tank); ii) simulation of biodiesel use (tank-to-wheels); iii) impact assessment of biodiesel production and use (well-to-wheels); and iv) uncertainty analysis. The biodiesel blends presenting the lowest life-cycle energy and environmental impacts at urban level will be identified for different types of vehicles. Recommendations on how to improve the overall performance of biodiesel systems will be provided. Important methodological contributions in the areas of Life-Cycle Assessment and vehicle operation simulation are expected.


Research Team



Fausto Miguel Cereja Seixas Freire

Érica Geraldes Castanheira

João Manuel Nogueira Malça de Matos Ferreira

Carla Sandra Patinha Caldeira

Joana Martins Faria de Bastos

Pedro Marques



Carla Alexandra Monteiro da Silva

João Filipe Pinto Ribau

Sara Sofia Rodrigues Marques Fitas

Vasco Tavares Brito e Abreu




Oral Communications


Malça J, Marques P, Serrano L, Castanheira EG, Garcia R, Freire, F (2016). Comparative Well-to-Wheels Assessment of Biodiesel and Fossil Diesel for Heavy Duty Transport in Latin America. CEM2016 – Mechanical Engineering Conference, June 1-3, Porto, Portugal.


Ribau, J. P., Silva, C.M. Bastos, J., Castanheira, É., Malça, J., Freire, F. (2016). Biodiesel production and use in the urban transport sector in Portugal. CEM2016 – Mechanical EngineeringConference, June 1-3, Porto, Portugal.


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